Service From Those Who Served

ViaTrustUSA provides talent intelligence and acquisition services based out of San Antonio, Texas. The company was formed on a commitment to deliver viable and trustworthy services to corporate clients with similar core values.

Our primary goal is to help our clients identify and qualify employment candidates that are highly motivated to succeed in their professional careers. Our passion is to empower Veterans, Military spouses, and other like-minded individuals who embrace dedication to service. 

Through agile proprietary sourcing technologies, we offer talent intelligence via discrete collaboration to secure meaningful employment opportunities for our candidates and satisfy talent acquisition requirements for our clients.

The Founders, Directors, Advisors, and Associates of ViaTrustUSA have very diverse sets of experience, training, and backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common. They all share a passion to provide dedicated service to the Veterans and military spouses who made endless compromises during their family’s service to our country, especially to military spouses who made numerous sacrifices yet gained a wide variety of transferable skills. ViaTrustUSA’s assistance will help candidates apply their military skills to develop meaningful civilian careers. 

Today, many of our Veterans and spouses face challenges when they transition from military service.  They may require assistance to secure meaningful employment, connect their skills with industry requirements, overcome psychological and physical effects of combat, understand corporate cultures and navigate industry disruption stemming from emerging technologies.

Most importantly, Veterans, Veteran Families, and Friends of Veterans may require continued support from a community of trustworthy colleagues. We are committed to helping our Clients and Veterans overcome employment challenges, and we have the capabilities required to positively influence how corporations successfully re-employ Veterans.

We are committed to deeply explore the needs of Veterans and connecting with the resources needed to secure and maintain meaningful employment.