ViaTrustUSA, Inc. is a talent intelligence and acquisition firm that offers recruitment, research and consulting services. We are a search firm specialized in the recruitment of industry leading talent. Our expertise is in consulting progressive employers, by delivering competitive talent market intelligence, placing talent and identifying opportunities for talent acquisition. We fulfill highly specialized searches at the executive, manager, and individual contributor level for clients across industries. 

Through our partnership with Willard Powell, proprietary sourcing technologies allow us to provide agile, viable and trustworthy services to continually meet a client’s needs.  This is a sophisticated and time tested process that positions our clients to quickly identify a viable candidates and fulfill open roles at a minimum investment.  

Our team and partners are experienced in recruiting executive and specialized talent.  We engage with clients in either a retained search, talent research or consulting capacity, as an extension of your client talent acquisition team.  Our work includes the recruitment of a single executive and entire team builds over several months.    We typically start by recruiting executive or manager level talent and then team builds which is unique.  Our offering is unique from  traditional retained, contingent, or RPO.   We take a hybrid approach, offering flexibility on how our team is engaged and placement fees that create savings for clients.  Our philosophy is to positively partner with internal talent acquisition teams, which for greater levels of efficiency, cross-pollination of candidates and sustainability.  Our model can be customized and adapted for any industry or business size.  

  • We systematically source talent intelligence.  This approach provides us greater speed to market, creates for efficient talent pipelining, removes bias from the front end of our process and results in diverse team building.  
  • Our proprietary process incorporates analysis of  large amounts of talent data and leverages automated sourcing.  By engaging a diverse pool of prospects, we are able to identify market themes including industry talent flows, location trends and competitor vulnerabilities.
  • Our team of Research Associates include military spouses who understand motivating factors of Veteran employment decisions.
  • We enter into iterative partnerships with our clients, which allows us to quickly understand client requirements, provide more real time client updates and pivot into new sourcing channels weekly. 
  • We are significantly experienced in building entire teams under tight deadlines, from senior manager needs to specialist individual contributor level.
  • Our team members have previously worked in large corporate HR / internal Talent Acquisition leadership roles and seek to develop long term sustainable partnerships with internal Talent Acquisition teams