Dynamic Markets

Industry consolidation, new competition, volatility in energy markets, emerging  threats create for constant change for defense and aerospace firms.

Partnership Growth

Continued growth in partnerships between private and public entities propel forward new developments in commercial aircraft, satelite, and space exploration.

Intelligent Innovation

Military, agencies of the DoD, and private intelligence corporations are benefiting from new AI/ML capabilities and visualization technologies in cybersecurity and logistics. 

Workforce Availability

People are becoming more comfortable working longer into life as the number of retirement-ready employees increases. There is a growing opportunity for contractors in the private defense sector.

Security Focus

Heightened threats from international cyber attacks are increasing government and corporate demand for cybersecurity expertise.  Increased demands are for hybrid skill-sets across core programming, scripting and ethical hacking.

Cost Reduction

Changes in domestic tax policy are influencing how defense contracts are funded by government.  Increase in private sector competition are driving down prices.  Automation is creating unique opportunities to transform antiquated government systems.

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