Solar energy is considered a green source, but also has environment, health and safety issues.  Electricity through photovoltaics is clearly better for the environment than burning fossil fuels, but chemical pollution from solar panel production must be managed by EHS professionals.

Industrial Hygiene

Some chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic hazards are present in most industrial environments.  Safety of workers and compliance with OSHA regulations can be achieved by hiring the right professionals and with effective hygiene monitoring.

Construction Safety

 Cranes, welding, excavation, hoisting, ladder use, and scaffolding create some of the most significant risks on construction sites.  Experienced EHS professionals are required to ensure worker safety standards, implement appropriate injury reporting, and issue personal protective equipment. 


Hospital organizations have great need for support in areas that require EHS professional management, including clean room compliance, infection control, and environment of care information management. 


As manufacturing environments become more automated, humans are exposed to less hazards.  Machine to machine communication and predictive analytics are being used to better schedule maintenance, reduce accidents, and improve efficiency.

Chemical Waste Management

Chemical hazards and toxic substances pose a wide range of health hazards.  Technological developments in EHS monitoring and chemical hygiene planning are significantly reducing workplace injuries and adverse effects on the environment.

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